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Vinyl Paradise -  for Music lovers, DJs & Collectors!


We specialise in bringing you the best classic, rare and collectable music and in recent years have developed a range of exclusive accessories.


Although dance music is our speciality, We are open minded and strive to offer something for everyone so expect to see us selling everything from techno to rock to reggae

and everything in between...


The rise of dance music culture was an extremely exciting time,the huge wealth of artists and record labels that came out of the scene is amazing!


For the record collector and DJ this means youve got a seemingly infinite amount of records

to potentially discover and enjoy!


"Everytime I get another box of tunes through the door there is something new ive never seen or heard of -let alone listened to - Im often finding obscure gems from years gone by that I absolutely love!!" says Adam from Vinyl Paradise.


 Now in recent years weve seen the digital age emerge, with its MP3 download / IPOD  / CD mixing ect.............thankfully for many though - you just cant beat a good old vinyl!! - theres something special about a real record that you dont get from a file on your itunes player!


The feel of mixing on a pair of good old fashioned vinyl decks is unbeatable.


There is an ever growing amount of collectors and vinyl DJs seeking those special tracks and the internet is by far and away the best place to find records, With Resources like Discogs leading the way, making it so easy to get even the rarest of tunes in a few clicks!


Maybe weve got something you want in your collection, please have a browse!


Thanks for stopping by - Take a look at the Vinyl Paradise listings today,

you never know what delights could be waiting!